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  • Two major disciplines underlie instructional design - systems design and learning theory. In MDDE603: Foundations of Instructional Design: Systems Analysis and Learning Theory, you will be introduced to systems in general and educational systems in particular, as well as systems analysis. You will also be introduced to learning theory and explore the role it plays in instructional design. The contributions of various areas of psychology, including behaviorism and cognitive psychology, will be explored, culminating in an examination of instructional systems design and constructivist models of instruction. The material covered in this course serves as a foundation for MDDE604: Instructional Design in Distance Education, where you will be involved in an actual instructional design project.

  • MDDE 604: Instructional Design in Distance Education is a project-based course that introduces instructional design principles and explores their application in a realistic way. Step by step, learners work through the various stages of the instructional systems design (ISD) process, designing and developing learning materials.learners systematically create a unit of instruction or learning object that meets an educational need or solves an identified performance problem.
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